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Museum of Bags and Purses in the top 10 ‘World’s Best Fashion Museums’

In September 2014 an authoritative travel website – Fodor’s Travel ( – placed the Museum of Bags and Purses located in Amsterdam in its top 10 fashion museums of the world.

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The Museum of Bags and Purses shares this honour with other museums including the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum (in New York), the Museo de la Mode (in Chile), the Victoria & Albert Museum (in London) and the Museo Salvatore Ferragamo (in Florence). The Museum of Bags and Purses is definitely in good company!

Fodor’s Travel calls the Museum of Bags and Purses’ collection ‘the most important collection of bags and purses in the world’ and praises both the location of the museum as well as the bags themselves. ‘Accommodated in a 17th-century canal-side building, the bags have actually taken possession of the building.’ Fodor’s Travel, a travel website based in New York, is known for its expertise regarding travel and provides selected recommendations and travel information supplied by more than 700 travel writers from all over the world.

The Museum of Bags and Purses

The Museum of Bags and Purses is the largest museum of its kind in the world. With its collection of more than 5,000 bags, the Museum of Bags and Purses provides an overview of 500 years in the history of the bag: from the 16th century until today. The collection includes bridal bags, hip purses, satchels, reticules, schoolbags, evening bags and designer bags created by famous fashion houses such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Hermès. The museum attracts more than 80,000 visitors a year.

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Thu 10 Jan | 1 min read

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I would recommend a stopover for any fan of purses!
One woman's acquiring a handbag led to a huge collection. Margaret Thatcher, Liz Taylor and Hilary Clinton's bags are all here.
"Loved this museum!"
Really gorgeous handbags with explanations. Fab restaurant there too and a tea shop.
"Spectacular place"