Visiting with School Groups

rugzak-dkny-tassenmuseum-amsterdamFor primary and secondary school pupils, a group visit to the Museum of Bags and Purses is exciting, entertaining and instructive. Book a guided tour or challenge the children to explore the museum on their own with our Detective tour for primary school pupils or the quiz for secondary secondary school students. The museum visit touches on a range of subjects, such as applied arts, (cultural) history, art and design and appeals to the children’s observational, descriptive and contextualizing skills. All programs can be adapted to support specific curriculum areas via customized educational programmes, such as lectures containing specific subjects for study, as well as accommodate students with special needs.

If you’re planning a school visit, please let us know in advance how many children to expect.

Detective Tour

Our detective tour allows children aged 8 to 12 years old to explore the museum on their own. The detective tour will guide them to the most interesting bags in the Museum of Bags and Purses, introducing them playfully to the history of the handbag.

Note: a separate detective tour should be purchased for each member of your group. The Detective Tour cost €3,- per child and are available at the museum entrance.

Guided Tours

Visiting school groups can also book a guided tour. The guide will show the children around the permanent and temporary exhibitions and the museum’s period rooms. The group maximum for guided tours is 12 persons, including supervisors.
€ 60,- per group (Entrance tickets not included)


For pupils aged 12 and older, a lecture will be very instructive, providing an introduction to the museum’s building, collection and history. The lecture lasts about 30 minutes and can be given to a maximum of 50 persons.
€ 100,- per lecture (Entrance tickets not included)

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Important Information for Teachers and Supervisors:

  • Primary schools: each group of five pupils should be chaperoned by at least one supervisor
  • Secondary schools: each group of ten pupils should be chaperoned by at least one supervisor
  • Primary school pupils should use one detective tour each
  • Teachers and other supervisors are responsible for the behaviour of their students
  • The Museum of Bags and Purses offers no opportunity for eating your own lunch. Please take this into account when planning a lunch break for your group
  • The museum reserves the right to deny access to groups who do not meet these conditions

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