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Trunk Show

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DAILY 10:00 - 17:00
Ship Chandlers Warehouse

The Museum of Bags Amsterdam thinks out of the bag and dives into the box with Trunk Show.

For Trunk Show, an exclusive selection of trunks and suitcases will temporarily be moved from one canal location in Amsterdam to another: from the Ship Chandlers Warehouse to the Museum of Bags Amsterdam. On display are exceptional and enchanting objects from the Menko ten Cate Collection.

Trunk Show reveals stories about travels, visits, aspirations, wealth and about experiencing and imagining the unknown. Fascinating stories about taking intriguing items along on incomparable journeys.

The history of travel is also the history of human impulses: the need to explore, the desire to personalise objects, and the longing to possess something created by a true master.

The nomadic impulse to discover the unknown inspired our ‘distant’ forefathers to depart with a cargo of canvas and leather trunks in steamships or in the Pullman carriages of the Oriënt Express on their way to lobbies of legendary exclusive palatial hotels in exotic realms. Engaging in these travels also included the desire and must to transport one’s necessities in style.

Trunk Show exhibits luggage that depicts stories about luxurious, stylishly customised and personalised items. Also about the traveller and the magic of the trunk as well as the art of transporting, packaging and packing.

The pieces of luggage on display also reveal the beguiling journey taken by craftsmen: their manufacture and materials as well as their smells, colours and other visible and tangible evidence of the pathway taken to create them. Objects that often far exceed our own powers of imagination when it comes to travel but that also make us long for and envisage a world filled with unique characters and unusual items.

Trunk Show includes superb suitcases and trunks some of which were created by Louis Vuitton, the French craftsman whose trunks became the basis for the LVMH empire. Trunks designed by Goyard, a spinoff of the House of Martin where 17-year-old François Goyard had been an apprentice to master trunk makers. In addition to observing these very special tangible objects of historic luxury, you almost expect to be swept along into the fictitious world of Downton Abbey or the fantasy world of Harry Potter and his magical suitcase.

Every piece of luggage has its own dents, scratches or even sound and is given its own pedestal. In tracing their origins, imaginary owners and history, they appear to come to life as a kind of cityscape in the recently renovated exhibition space of the Museum of Bags Amsterdam.

The Menko ten Cate Collection

This unique collection is a selection of all kinds and sizes of luggage from renowned makers such as Louis Vuitton, Goyard, Moynat, Hermès and Finnegans. Over the years, Menko ten Cate has collected more than 250 pieces of luggage. This gentleman collector excludes all factory-made pieces of luggage from his collection and includes only examples made by true craftsmen. A lexicon of classic luggage.

What people are saying

I would recommend a stopover for any fan of purses!
One woman's acquiring a handbag led to a huge collection. Margaret Thatcher, Liz Taylor and Hilary Clinton's bags are all here.
"Loved this museum!"
Really gorgeous handbags with explanations. Fab restaurant there too and a tea shop.
"Spectacular place"