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Talent Invasion

8 September - 27 October 2019
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With its new exhibition, Museum of Bags Amsterdam places young talent in the spotlight, giving a platform to a new generation of designers who dare to think out of the box.

Aptly named Talent Invasion, the exhibition has been put together by guest curator and freelance creative director Martien Mellema, who has more than 30 years of experience in the fashion world. For Talent Invasion, Mellema has hand-picked 21 promising designers from the latest wave of graduates to burst forth from Dutch art, fashion and design academies.

The most important selection criteria? Chutzpah, individuality and an anarchistic approach. This, according to Mellema and her team, is what the fashion industry is currently in need of. For this exhibition’s design and layout, Mellema collaborated with concept designer Leonoor Ottink and visual storyteller Elin Visser.

“Talent Invasion is an avalanche of new ideas. It’s about inspired newcomers with original and headstrong opinions, which they have incorporated into their graduation collections."
Martien Mellema Guest curator
Space that never was Juris-Efneris
Bodil Gerda Awa Ouédraogo by Bodil Ouédraogo

Keeping in line with the wishes of the Museum of Bags Amsterdam, not all of the 21 chosen talents specialise in making bags. This is perfectly in line with what the Museum of Bags Amsterdam wants: to become a dynamic ‘House’ brimming with stories about fashion, design, craft and society. This exhibit arose from the museum’s desire to inspire through surprising and unexpected interventions.

Talent Invasion revolves around 21 inspired talents who challenge the status quo and do not allow themselves to be led by existing rules and conventions. Pauline Kolton, for example, questions our consumerism by basing her collection on how travellers pack.
Dylan Westerweel keys in on the hype around gender stereotyping and presents a male version of the femme fatale – idealized body and all – in his Jack Saul collection. Esra Copur comments on the current zeitgeist by portraying people as programmed individuals who constantly buy new items – not because they need them but because it’s become routine. The collection created by Juris Efneris examines the sustainable fashion movement and focuses on the realisation that the fashion industry must change. And Bodil Ouédraogo’s work analyses her bi-cultural heritage by demonstrating how various styles and backgrounds can lead to a new image.

Talent Invasion is an avalanche of new ideas. It’s about inspired newcomers with original and headstrong opinions, which they have incorporated into their graduation collections. They are talents on the border between art and commerce, who don’t have to meet the commercial expectations of the industry yet.” says guest curator Martien Mellema.

Talent Invasion runs from 8 September to 27 October 2019 in the Museum of Bags Amsterdam.


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