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Open during redesign

The entire month of November
DAILY 10:00 - 17:00

Museum of Bags Amsterdam is building its future. The museum will be open during renovations in November 2019.

After years of collecting and displaying the history and beauty of the bag, Museum of Bags Amsterdam is now in transition; from a museum with bags to a sparkling House full of stories about the bag, but also about fashion, design, metier and society. The bag serves as a starting point for new stories. The bag is no longer regarded as an object, but as a subject through which new perspectives and stories about its culture – development and experience – are explained through special and surprising presentations. The collection offers handles for this and offers the possibility to think out of the bag. Museum of Bags Amsterdam offers room for talent and experiment and for original, surprising, multidisciplinary collaborations and partnerships.

To realize these desires, the renovation of the second floor of the 17th-century canal house will start in November 2019. After the renovation there is room for surprising exhibitions, deepening and sharing knowledge based on a side program with events, lectures and workshops. As the windows and doors are opened literally and figuratively, the Museum of Bags Amsterdam has more connection with the City of Amsterdam, its residents and visitors. The museum therefore also remains open during the renovation. In addition to the permanent presentation of the 16th / 19th century, the presentation of the 20th / 21st century can be admired at a different location in the House, in a different form. From the archive a selection of more than 100 bags is shown, each of which has a special character and together form an inspiring family.

In addition, from 30 October to 1 December, the Museum of Bags Amsterdam offers in collaboration with Current Obsession – a jewellery magazine and platform that is appreciated for its experimental approach and unconventional style – space for artist Simon Marsiglia, who combines sculpture, jewellery and fashion in his work. The exhibition Everything but the bag takes place during the biennial jewelry festival Obsessed! that takes place in November in various cities in the Netherlands. From 12 December 2019 a magical selection of suitcases from Louis Vuitton and Goyard, among others, can be admired during the new exhibition Trunk Show in the Museum of Bags Amsterdam.

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What people are saying

I would recommend a stopover for any fan of purses!
One woman's acquiring a handbag led to a huge collection. Margaret Thatcher, Liz Taylor and Hillary Clinton's bags are all here.
"Loved this museum!"
Really gorgeous handbags with explanations. Fab restaurant there too and a tea shop.
"Spectacular place"