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OBSESSED! Jewellery Festival

30 october - 1 december
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DAILY 10:00 - 17:00

On the occasion of OBSESSED! Jewellery Festival, Current Obsession got the opportunity to invite young talent Simon Marsiglia to exhibit his latest work at Tassenmuseum Amsterdam.

Current Obsession is a jewellery magazine and platform based in the Netherlands. Appreciated for its experimental approach and unconventional style, it showcases new ways of presenting and experiencing jewellery.

The exhibition Everything but the bag is part of the OBSESSED! Jewellery Festival – bringing together independent artists, galleries and cultural institutions from across the Netherlands in celebration of Jewellery.

Tassenmuseum Amsterdam thinks out of the bag, gives room for experiment and is always looking for emerging talents and surprising, multidisciplinary collaborations. Tassenmuseum Amsterdam welcomes Current Obsession and Simon Marsiglia with the exhibition:

Everything but the bag

Simon Marsiglia is a cross disciplinary artist who doesn’t place a border between the realms of jewellery, sculpture and fashion. His works are influenced by different subcultures, mixing a wide variety of objects into one big melting pot. Marsiglia intends for these objects to belong to fictional characters, and to act as arguments for the existence of such characters. In this exhibition you will find an array of objects and accessories: everything from a scifi-inspired creature to a wearable fountain. The works encourage the visitor to speculate as to who/what could possibly embody these objects and what extraterrestrial purse or bag could be combined with these objects to bring a character to life.

What people are saying

I would recommend a stopover for any fan of purses!
One woman's acquiring a handbag led to a huge collection. Margaret Thatcher, Liz Taylor and Hilary Clinton's bags are all here.
"Loved this museum!"
Really gorgeous handbags with explanations. Fab restaurant there too and a tea shop.
"Spectacular place"