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Bags in Bloom

19 April - 1 September 2019
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DAILY 10:00 - 17:00

With Bags in Bloom, the Museum of Bags Amsterdam invites nature in both figuratively and literally.

The Museum of Bags Amsterdam has been busy spring cleaning. Doors and windows are being opened wide to let a breath of fresh air blow through the House. A new season, a fresh start. The perfect moment to begin research into our own ‘nature’.

With Bags in Bloom the Museum of Bags Amsterdam invites nature in both figuratively and literally. From wildflower to hothouse flower, from panorama to landscape. From exotic leaves to floral still lifes. From delicately embroidered pockets to ornate petit point handbags. From the intricacies of gros point to abstract botanical patterns. From Louis Vuitton and Takashi Murakami’s ‘Cherry Blossom’ bowling bag to a whimsical bag illustrated by James Jean for Prada.

Exhibition-Bags-in-bloom-museum of bags and purses-Amsterdam
Photography: Louise te Poele

Bags in Bloom is a sketch, a floral framework that brings together this seventeenth-century canal house built during the heyday of the floral still life, and an artistic selection of over a hundred bags. All of the bags on display, with their lifelike colours and astonishing details, are part of the museum’s own collection.

This temporary exhibition is not arranged chronologically, not the year but nature is leading. The permanent collection is also in flux, temporarily rearrenged as one might the flowers in a vase.

The exhibition shows that nature is also an eternal source of inspiration for the makers and wearers of the bag.

For Bags in Bloom we collaborated with photographer/artist Louise te Poele, who created a photographic still life with bags from the collection.

During the exhibition, Nature Artist Frank Bruggeman will be creating installations which will move from early spring to late summer.

Karin Looijesteijn, ‘Meester in Bloemen’, creates the feeling of nature through her original, unconventional floral art in the Period Rooms of the House.


The exhibition Bags in Bloom is on display from 19 April until 1 September 2019.

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I would recommend a stopover for any fan of purses!
One woman's acquiring a handbag led to a huge collection. Margaret Thatcher, Liz Taylor and Hillary Clinton's bags are all here.
"Loved this museum!"
Really gorgeous handbags with explanations. Fab restaurant there too and a tea shop.
"Spectacular place"

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