• Accessories are a Girl’s Best Friend
    16-09-2017 until 28-01-2018

    A new exhibition, ‘Accessories are a Girl’s Best Friend’, will begin on 16 September in the Museum of Bags and Purses. The new exhibition will highlight the most remarkable pieces from the Rijksmuseum’s extraordinary accessory collection, including parasols, umbrellas, hats, hair accessories, shawls, gloves, fans, shoes and stockings. These hidden (until now!) fashion treasures are...

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  • Dutch designer LOES VRIJ on exhibition in Museum of Bags and Purses
    26-09-2017 until 07-01-2018

    Dutch designer Loes Vrij will exhibit her remarkable designs in the Museum of Bags and Purses in Amsterdam, from 26 September 2017 until 7 January 2018. With her LOES VRIJ label, the designer has been creating sophisticated women’s bags since 2012. The exhibition in the Museum of Bags and Purses offers a comprehensive perspective on...

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