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Shoulder Bag


The circular model assumes that today’s products are tomorrow’s raw materials. This bag is made of plastic telephone wire.

The fashion industry, including the production of bags and purses, is one of the world’s most polluting industries. Its overproduction and mountain of waste materials, its use of chemical substances, and its overexploitation of natural resources and overconsumption of water are having a highly negative impact on our biodiversity and our natural environment.

The circular economy is the opposite of our existing economy in which we keep making, buying, using and then disposing of products. This ‘throw-away economy’ is having an enormous impact on our planet. The circular model, however, assumes that today’s products are tomorrow’s raw materials: once used, products can be dismantled so that their materials can be reused.

More and more designers are demonstrating how their products can be made more sustainable. By recycling used materials, they are showing that materials don’t have to be disposed of after a single use but can comply with the circular ethic.


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