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Printed mesh handbag with brass frame, Whiting & Davis

Printed mesh handbag with brass frame, Whiting & Davis, United States, 1920-1930
Whiting & Davis
Impressionist watercolours

Mesh bags were popular from the end of the nineteenth century until the 1930s.

In a similar manner to chain mail, mesh for these bags was made by linking together small metal rings or plates. Prior to the automation of the process in 1909 by A.C. Pratt, this was an incredibly time-consuming technique. One of the largest producers of mesh bags was the American company Whiting & Davis. They produced multi-coloured effects by enameling the plates before construction, and introduced new screen-printing techniques that could print designs directly onto bags. These designs varied from geometric motifs to delicate flowers and Impressionistic watercolours. This handbag consists of a ring mesh screen-printed with an Impressionistic design.


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