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Madonna's handbag

Fabric handbag, Atelier Versace, Italy, 1996
Gianni Versace
Première Evita

Gianni Versace was an avid supporter of the principle that ‘sex sells’.

His designs often walked the fine line between high fashion and vulgarity. Taking inspiration from sources including Hollywood, pop culture, and Greek mythology, his collections were full of Medusa heads, leopard-print, and sequins. In addition to his eye-catching designs, Gianni Versace’s marketing was also far ahead of its time. He sent a small army of supermodels, including Naomi Campbell and Claudia Schiffer, down his catwalks, and put his famous friends on the guest lists. Versace designed this handbag and matching dress for his close friend Madonna, which she wore to the London premiere of Evita.


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