Handbag Ananas Hester van Eeghen | Museum of Bags Amsterdam

Handbag Ananas

by Hester van Eeghen
Hester van Eeghen
The Netherlands
dutch design
On display in
The Bag as Theatre

Hester van Eeghen designs bags with a unique signature.

Each of her bags displays truly original ideas – both inside and outside – and can always be recognised as hers. In addition to their beautiful leathers, use of colour and fine finishing, origami also plays an important role in her designs. This can be seen in many of her designs: they can be folded inward or outward, expanded from two to three dimensions, turned inside out, and carried on not just one but on two sides. Hester van Eeghen started out as a designer working on her own but after 30 years runs a company with 18 employees.

Over the last 30 years, leading Dutch designer Hester van Eeghen has created more than 600 objects ranging from trolleys to evening bags and from colourful high heels to briefcases.


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