It’s A Men’s World

  • 11-03-2017 until 27-08-2017

    Today’s men need bags. If it were just a wallet and a smartphone, men could easily slip them into their pockets. But what about their laptops, their favourite gadgets or their sports gear? Nowadays, there’s a different kind of bag to suit every type of man. Over the last few years, men’s bags have become firmly established in daily life. But in fact, there’s nothing new about men’s bags as such…


    The unique It’s a Men’s World exhibition, from 11 March to 27 August, is all about the man, his world and his bag.


    Focussing on the themes of Hunting, Wall Street, Sports and Travel, we take a closer look at intersting prime examples of men’s bags and their accessories, complemented with inspiring contemporary designer bags.



    With the emergence of portable devices, too large for pockets and generally in need of protection, the men’s bag has made an impressive comeback. In It’s a Men’s World, you’ll discover that there’s nothing new about men’s bags.


    Historically, men used to wear purses and bags attached attached to their belts. But from the 17th century onwards, (liner)pockets made these bags redundant. As result, bags and purses were long considered to exclusively belong in  women’s domain.



    Fashion or Function?

    In It’s a Men’s World we consider the question of Fashion or Function?  When does a man decide to carry a bag, and when are his pockets sufficient?


    Visit the unique exhibition It’s a Men’s World from 11 March until 27 August. Drop by the Museum of Bags and Purses in Amsterdam or order your tickets online



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